Who We Are

Bebo’s Car Wash was founded by A.S. (Bebo) Klyce in Gadsden, Alabama in 1964. He purchased an existing car wash that was struggling and set to close. Bebo came in with some innovative ideas to the industry, and in just a few months had it operating at a profit. His visionary marketing techniques and dedication to providing the best wash turned this location into a local icon for many years.

As the economy in Gadsden took a turn for the worse, Bebo set out to find a location somewhere in the south that he could open his second wash and in 1981 he found just that spot in Mobile, Alabama. This location was also struggling and was on a month to month basis with a local landowner, but Bebo had the vision to acquire it and turn it into a showcase. This location was credited with washing 1,000,000 full service vehicles faster than any wash in the country and was actually mentioned on Johnny Carson in 1987 for this accomplishment.

Bebo’s was awarded the best small business in the State of Alabama in 1989 by the US Chamber of Commerce and eventually was runner up for the entire nation.

Bebo sold the full service car wash in Gadsden in 1990 and opened his first express exterior wash, Baby Bebo’s in Mobile that same year. Running a full service wash 325 miles away just proved too hard and he wanted to dedicate his energy towards the new trend of express washing in the south.

Bebo’s son Doug joined the Bebo’s team permanently in July 1992. Doug had worked at the wash in Gadsden as a child washing towels, dragging the chains from the exit to the entrance, and eventually vacuuming and detailing.

Doug spent his 20’s in the telephone industry, starting his own communications company after the divesture of Ma Bell. It was a new and lucrative industry, but his roots in car washing kept calling.

Bebo’s is credited with offering the first free vacuums for their customers at Baby Bebo’s in 1994. This was a revolutionary idea because car wash operators relied heavily on the quarters they received every week from their vacuums.

In 1998 Bebo’s opened the first “flex serve” car wash in the country. This was also revolutionary because until then all vehicles were vacuumed prior to entering the wash. Now the customer would stay in their vehicle until exiting the wash and then it would be vacuumed and detailed in the same spot. Car wash operators from all over the country came to Mobile to witness the grand re-opening and closely monitored the progress.

Doug’s son, Blake joined Bebo’s at 15 in 1997 and has been an integral part of its success and growth. Blake also started out doing the things that it takes to make a car wash successful, but not necessarily much fun to do. He cleaned the pit, washed towels, prepped cars, whatever it took.
Doug’s sister Debbie joined the Mobile team in 2005. Debbie had remained in Gadsden and continued to work at that site even after her father, Bebo sold the operation. Debbie’s tireless work ethic and commitment are the glue that holds everything together.

Doug’s youngest son Jackson started working for the company at 15 and is following his brother’s footsteps. He is working with the company part time while attending college.