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Express Hand Wax Genuine Brazilian Carnauba wax hand applied using an orbiter. Guaranteed for 4 months


$49.95 & Up


Buff & Wax For vehicles with scratches or oxidized (faded) paint. Your vehicle is first compounded and then a Genuine Brazilian Carnauba wax is applied using a high speed buffer.
$100.00 & Up
Interior Shampoo & Clean Heated high pressure extraction of soils and stains using gentle, environmentally friendly cleaners.
$100.00 & Up
Shampoo Trunk
$10.00 & Up
Shampoo Carpet or Seats Heated High Pressure Water Extractor
$54.95 & Up
Express Carpet Clean- Dry Method Dry Method – Not for all vehicles. For lightly soiled vehicles. Dirt and stains are removed by use of environmentally friendly oxygenated aerosol cleaners.
Custom Wheel & Spoke Cleaning Wheels are hand cleaned and polished.
$10 & Up
Floor Mat Shampoo
$5.00 each/ All $15.00
Interior & Exterior Detail Package This includes our Interior Shampoo & Clean plus our Buff and Wax.
$200.00 & Up
Remove Road Tar or Tree Sap
Estimate Only
Shampoo Spots or Buff-off Marks
Estimate Only
Hand Wash Includes vacuum, windows, dash and console dusted, and tire dressing
$40.00 & Up
Remove Water Spots Windows Bebo’s now has a method to remove those unsightly water spots on your glass. Guaranteed
$15.00 Each
Remove Water Spots Chrome Safely remove those pesky water spots from your vehicle’s chrome to restore that new car shine.
$20.00 & Up
Headlight Restoration Bebo’s can now restore your faded headlights to increase visibility and safety. Done in less than 15 minutes on most vehicles.
Windshield Repair We can repair most cracks and chips in your windshield to avoid replacing.
$35.00 – $50.00
Leather Clean & Conditioning
$20.00 & Up
All Car Washes come with a 36 hour rewash guarantee except the Express Exterior.